Apolonia Ancient Art Gallery
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Apolonia Ancient Art Gallery
290 Fillmore St. #D
Denver , Colorado USA
Kevin Cheek
Phone : 303-321-73512/305-785-5315 cell
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Email : apoloniaco@aol.com
Website : http://www.apoloniagallery.com
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High quality classical antiquities, Asian, pre-Columbian, and ancient coins.
Apolonia Ancient Art sells authentic ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Near Eastern, and pre-Columbian works of art. High quality works are offered with little or no repair/restoration. An invoice and an authenticity certificate is included, as well as any additional documentation, such as TL test reports, US Customs Import, EU Export, and auction record documentation. Order our book: "Into the Antiquities Trade" at http://www.amazon.com. This book is a resource for the neophyte and advanced collector.
TL testing service, auction representation, appraisals, and custom base mounting. We also have a substantial library for research and price comparison.
X-Large Mayan Tripod Plate
Greek Athenian Silver Tetradrachm
Exceptional Greek Chalcidian Helmet
Roman Marble Bust of Minerva/Athena
Moche Erotic Couple Stirrup Vessel