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Antique Show/Event Details

Show Name : Rare antique auction
Address 1 : 3669 rt 150 east
City : chester
State : Illinois
Zip : 62233
Country : USA
Website  : www.auctionzip.com
Date From : August, 19
Date To : August, 24
Annual Or Monthly : Monthly
When : aug 24th
Type Of Merchandise : RARE funeral home items
Description : an entire funeral home estate will be auctioned off on auctionzip.com with christie hatman officiating. she has 18yrs exp and her new show auction queen will be HGTV in the fall. we will be auctioning a 300lb cast iron fisk, furniture, embalming machines tools and fluids, prayer benches, adv signs and much much more....bidding has began so check out this link...http://www.auctionzip.com/aflive.html?method=getCatalogLots&catalogref=BR8Y57SBLD
Specialties : cast iron fisk, imported casket from england, prayer benches with candleabras, advertising signs from the funeral home, reserved parking signs,