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Questions about Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES Gustav Becker Vienna Regulator Gustav becker vienna regulator #652293. Plate marked freiburg in schl with crown & anchor gold medal stamp. Hands and dial are original. This is a circa 1900 model with a small enamel dial at the center that operates so that an electrical switch is activated at a preset time. Terminals are at the top. No attempt has been made to operate this feature. This time piece is in excellent running condition. The light walnut case has beautiful original finish and a booked walnut veneer back panel and beautifully turned original finials.

Item Price : $795.00
Triple Decker Clock Circa 1835 Triple decker circa 1835 by chauncey & noble. All 4 pieces of glass are original, which is rare and show the wavyness that indicates the early method of making flat glass. The two mirrors wee made using the mercury process and have an interesting blue coloration adding charm to the overall character. The original label of c. & n. Jerome bristol conn. Is excellent. The dial has been replaced with a correct reproduction the hands are original. Some natural loss to the reverse painting. The 8 day brass works have been cleaned and new weight cords attached. Clock runs & strikes excellently. The mahogany case has good patina and no cracks or damage.
Item Price : $650.00
French Bronze Statue Clock, Circa 1870 Raised on 4 bronze legs terminating in animal feet and embellished by classical elements of finely detailed features, zeus right and dionysus left. The legs are finished in silver with gold trim. The dial is unique featuring silver roman numericals and a beautiful cast and silvered center mounted on 1/4" thick ebony. The bezel is also a unique casting silvered. The ebony case is decorated with fine gold designs on each side and trimmed with silvered castings highlighted with gold just below the platform and at center bottom. The bronze statue signed detier is a fine example in color and detail and stands l6". Several pieces are separately cast ie the doves, fluted column, base, etc. The womans robe is tastefully and subtly colored with gold wash all surfaces are natural patina. The clock works signed a.Lemairw rv. Du temple 121 are of high quality and have been fully serviced working properly striking the hour and half hour on a large gong. This clock is circa 1870. We have more pictures if more pictures are needed. Just email us.
Item Price : $7900.00
Lenzkirch Bronze Porcelain Ship Clock This is a rare and artful example from the german lenzkirch works (whose reputation is continuously associated with high quality). This example utilizes a high quality 8 day time and strike movement with the original cylinder escapement signed and finished by the lenzkirch works to their high standard and especially fitted to this unusual porcelain and gilt bronze early ship. The style exemplifies a cartoon like ship at sea. The sail, the sea upon which the ship sets is porcelain and signed sj in the form of a anchor. The sail and seaform are creamy green. The base upon which seafoam is mounted is cobalt blue. Excellent condition and professional reguilded using 24 carat gold.
Item Price : $9200.00
French Bulle Electric Timepiece Bulle electric timepiece. This bulle has the heavy cut glass dome. This dome has one of the most attractive cut patterns seen on this rare timepiece. The works have been cleaned and are working perfectly. It has run over two years on 2 double a batteries.
Item Price : $2495.00
Salmon Marble French Clock A wonderful circa 1870 salmon colored marble cased french clock works signed by maker japy freres with fancy gilt dial signed by retailer cameroen foster. The hands are heat blued steel hands. This mechanism has been professionally restored and is in excellent operating condition, striking the hour and half hour on a gong going 8 days. The case has been polished and gilt columns cleaned and laquered. This color is seldon found and is quite desireable.
Item Price : $825.00