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Questions about Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES Adam's & Co High Standard Covered Compote Pattern name post a.K.A. Square panes circa 1883 by adamâs & co. Glass is slightly turning purple. Compote sits on the pedestal askew and the lid wobbles but is assured it is original to piece. Stands 11½ inches tall with lid (not including finial). No real damage other than the color turning. There are rough areas along the molded edges which were created during the process. There are a couple rough spots around the lid base. Noticeable under close inspection.

Item Price : $65.00
Brown Westhead And Moore Indian Empress Coupe Bowl This 9-inch diameter coupe- style bowl is back stamped brown-westhead & moore. Pattern indicates indian empress and was first introduced circa 1862 in staffordshire, u.K. it has a bold foliate and aviary pattern in cobalt; light blue and white on ironstone blank. under close inspection and feel, a small flake can be felt in the white area of the upper edge. It was found when rotating a finger around the rim. the lozenge; maker name and shape number is impressed as well as stamped.
Item Price : $56.00
7 Alfred Meakin Kelvin Flow Blue Saucers Offered are seven 5 ½ inch kelvin saucers. Pattern introduced in 1891 and discontinued at or after 1940. All plates have stamped maker marks; painter/paintress marks and guilders mark in gold. The shape number of the dish is impressed. All pieces are in the same shape overall including scratch marks in the well and wearing of gold around the scalloped edges. There are pad marks on the bottom; raised floral pattern marks within the blank among the painted floral images. There are well indentions for cups or bowls. Under close inspection, there are no cracks; breaks; chips; flakes or repairs of any kind.
Item Price : $140.00
Moriage Snow Geese Hair Receiver The graceful moriage snow geese birds are painted on a pale robinâs egg blue background that shades into a muted gray and richly illuminate in gold. This piece bears the no.22 green m in wreath mark registered in the u.S. In 1911 then the mark was phased out in 1918. The blank is made of white porcelain with molded in relief beading. The birds are flying from right to left. This receiver most likely had a puff-box to complete the set. It is tri footed measuring 3½ inches in height and 3½ inches diam. And is in excellent condition.
Item Price : $275.00
Continental Majolica Figural Tobacco Jar Austro Hungarian 19th Century It is said that most continental majolica is unmarked or numerically marked and are most likely to be austro hungarian. I am going with this because i have no proof of maker on this piece. While knowing it to be a tobacco jar it also is impressed, under glaze, with numbers and perhaps a letter or two. The impression is hard to read. The night cap to this face is the lid. It measures 6 inches high x 3¼ inches wide and is unquestionably charming at best. there is a very old dark nick out of the back of his scarf towards the bottom rim and is almost smooth. It is not the white glare spots that appear close to the nick. All else is in unharmed condition.
Item Price : $150.00