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Questions about antiques.com? Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES http://www.antiques.com//images/antiques_logo.jpg http://www.antiques.com/ Ancient Khmer Stone Sculpture Angkor Style http://www.antiques.com/classified/1128024/Antique-Ancient-Khmer-Stone-Sculpture-Angkor-Style The bayon torso female divinity khmer sculpture  real sandstone carving . this item are excellent the work of art from real sandstone. our artist carving by the traditional carved method. this sculpture has be charming and very beautiful. technical specs : product dimension  = 1/8 foot  or 19.5 inch of  high. ** siamarthouse c om siamarthouse add g mail dott com

Item Price : $585.00
The Large Buddha Head Stone Sculpture Craft. http://www.antiques.com/classified/1128040/Antique-The-Large-Buddha-Head-Stone-Sculpture-Craft- The large buddha head stone sculpture craft. real stone craft 100% hand made.For your home and garden outdoor decor,lawn ornament,hotel and spa decorative. the large size :35 inch. global shipping service offered. make to order offered. guarantee customer satisfactions. if you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us. siamarthouse ltd,.Part. Thailand.
Item Price : $1890.00
The Lintel Wall Stone Carving Khmer Art Style. http://www.antiques.com/classified/1128041/Antique-The-Lintel-Wall-Stone-Carving-Khmer-Art-Style- The lintel wall stone carving khmer art style. the superb wall stone carving, hand made 100%. our sculptor has the higher skill and experience for handi-craft the stone in the khmer art style. if you have any question please feel free to contact us. visit our website siamarthouse ltd,.Part. Thailand.
Item Price : $2990.00
The Vishnu Khmer Statue Stone Carving. http://www.antiques.com/classified/1128064/Antique-The-Vishnu-Khmer-statue-stone-carving- The vishnu khmer statue stone carving. load vishnu deity, (hindu god). khmer art : angkor wat style. the sandstone handicraft. high 2/4 foot or 27.5 inch. 100% customer satisfactions guarantee. please contact us if you have any question. siamarthouse ltd,.Part.Thailand.
Item Price : $825.00