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Questions about antiques.com? Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES http://www.antiques.com//images/antiques_logo.jpg http://www.antiques.com/ Drexel Heritage Dining Chairs. http://www.antiques.com/classified/1137165/Antique-Drexel-Heritage-Dining-Chairs-- I have 2 chairs by drexel heritage with an original yellow peace of paper that states that it's drexel and a year 1926. condition is excellent. Very sturdy. i am new at this and would like to find my venue. because of that i painted one chair in shabby chick style. 2nd chair is as it was originally. any questions: would be happy to answer. Thank you. please note: i didn't figure out how to ship it yet. Local would be easier of course.

Item Price : $128.00