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Questions about Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES Art Deco Diana The Huntress With Fawns French spelter hunting group, unsigned, featuring a pair of stylised fawns and the godess diana hunting them. she has ivoreen bows and are mounted on a marble base. base in excellent condition and bronze patine in good conditions. measures: 58cm long, 13cm deep and 32cm high.

Item Price : $1500.00
Art Deco Mantle Onyx Clock Set. Circa 1930 Impressive art deco clock with a lady patined on silver and bronze on spelter. The base is a mixture of beautifully patterned brown onyx with sections of mainly pale green onyx. the clock works perfectly and has the original key and pendulum. 58x45x16 cm (22.83x17.72x6.3 in.
Item Price : $1300.00
Modernist French Mantle Clock Garniture Set. Circa 1920 Superbly portoro and cream marble clock set with bronze detailing. Condition is very good it has a bevelled glass door over a gilt metal modernist dial with stunning gilt hands the quality is superb set in beautiful marble with gilt bronze patterns and attatchments. it has an 8 day bell striking movement that strikes on half and full hour counting the hours. it is fully working and comes with its pendulum and key its in excellent condition as you can see the clock measures approx. 36cm long,12 cm deep and 25 cm high.
Item Price : $600.00
Art Deco Sculpture By Geo Maxim Art deco period â france, ca. 1930 cast white metal (variation of spelter) figure of young girl with two greyhounds. white and belgian marble base. Green bronze patine is vintage condition. this figure is unsigned ,but certainly is a geo maxim sculpture. measures approx.65 cm long, 15 cm large and 33cm cm high. it is in very good condition with a beautiful patina of age. the base has some chips in the back. Itâs invisible when the figure is exposed.
Item Price : $750.00