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Questions about Call our customer service line at 1-800-ANTIQUES Kushan Silver Pendant Kushan greek silver pendant. Over 2000 years old, found underground near the foothills of the "hindu kush" mountains of afghanistan. I got this from a vendor in bagram, who came here from kabul. (rare/silver)

Item Price : $185.00
Bactrian Greek Carved Stone Ancient greek carved stone. Very old, and rare piece: 250-125 bc. Discovered underground in the ghazni province of afghanastan. This rare piece was purchased in bagram.
Item Price : $350.00
Ancient Bactrian Near Eastern Bronze Hand Stamp This "very rare" and unique hand stamp (450-100 bc) was found underground in afghanistan. The markings have been very well preserved all around.
Item Price : $195.00
100 Year Old Rare Afghan Silver And Enamel Pendant This antique coin silver and enamel pendant is over 100 years old. "very rare" piece from afghanistan , 32mm long x 15mm tall x 16mm wide, has two 5mm loops at the top.
Item Price : $125.00
Ancient Bactrian Near Eastern Bronze Horse Statue Very old bronze horse statue was unearthed somewhere in the area of the hindu kush mountains of afghanistan. Not sure exactly what era. Has nice visible markings. This piece was bought in bagram. (rare)
Item Price : $270.00