Restoration Service

Robert Burger Fine Antique Furniture Restoration
820 Thompson Ave., unit 10
Glendale - California - 91201
Phone: 818-248-1703
Description: People sometimes ask us what we specialize in, and honestly, when it comes to restoring antique furniture we can do it all, we have very skilled artists working here. Whether it is extensive veneer work, water rings, heat marks, scratches, dents, chipped finish, gilding, severe sun damage, etc. - we can restore it. Concerning major and minor structural repairs caused by everything from shipment damage to the dog chewing where they were not supposed too; in general if it is wood we can restore it. Additionally, we are experts at replacing broken antique glass, repairing antique locks, making keys, and leather restorations, as well as many other specialties. We also offer an in-home furniture polishing and minor repair/ restoration service, in which we bring in a small professional crew to polish all of your furniture throughout your home. We also make repairs, when we can, during the time we are there; in cases where the repairs or restorations are too extensive we would have to have the pieces brought out of the home to our shop, but that would be explained during the initial walk-through. In addition to restoring antique furniture, and other antique items, we also make fine furniture to your individual specifications. Whatever the client wants, we can do it; whether it is a full design and build, or a custom design painted onto an existing piece, just let us know what you would like and we can help you imagine your own unique piece.