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A C17th foot, similar to the ball foot also in use at the time, but where the "ball" appears to be slightly squashed. Quite often found on Victorian pine furniture.

A piece of furniture, with drawers, performing the function of a desk. It has either a fall-front , which slopes at 45 degrees, a cylinder front, or a tambour front.

Another name for burr, principally used in the US.

A term usually applied to a type of veneer , or perhaps more properly the marks in the veneer itself. The veneer is cut from a knot or other protruding growth on the tree, and as a result displays highly attractive graining. Walnut is especially popular for this, and bird's eye maple is another, particularly well-known type of burr veneer.

A simple glue joint between two surfaces, joined with no overlap, tenons , or shoulders.