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About Antiques.com

Antiques.com was launched February 1, 2010 and is now the fastest growing antique website. With 34,000 vendor listings, including dealers, shops, appraisers, auctions, flea markets and antique malls, Antiques.com has the most robust and up-to-date vendor listings available online.

Our trademark is customer service. We have phone operators available 24x7 to work with vendors, who are selling antiques, collectibles and fine are times and collectors, who are looking to purchase these items. Here's what our dealers are saying about Antiques.com:

Hi Mark-

This is Barbara from DietrichsVault.com... ...I have added around 400 or so more items with pictures.

Thank you for your referrals, we have had many sales due to your site.

Hope you are having a great year.

Barbara Dietrich


Hi Diane,

I am so excited about your site I could SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS!!! Best yet they have someone like you who is personal and actually answers my questions instead of computer generated responses.

I couldn't be happier with the way things look on your site. Few questions: how do I take down items when I sell them and is it hard to add items to the list? I have some items that I just want on this site.

Last question and I am serious. Is the owner of this site a publicly traded company? I would like to buy some stock.

Nancy Schwartz

With over 100,000 antique, fine art and collectible items listed for sale in over 200 categories, Antiques.com has something for everyone, including antique furniture, antique jewelry, antique toys and Asian antiques.

The Antiques.com Magazine section is quickly becoming a go-to destination for valuable information on collecting antiques. The Magazine section includes articles and videos from noted antiques TV personality Reyne Haines, who has teamed with Antiques.com to create the series, "The Art of Picking".

For any questions related to Antiques.com or your Antiques account, please email our customer services department at info@antiques.com.