Antique Oak Coffer Bach - For Sale

Antique Oak Coffer Bach
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circa: 1720 width: 58 height: 42 length: 22 Handmade in Early Georgian Period England around 1720, this charming oak coffer bach testifies to the enduring quality of English furniture craftsmanship. Both structurally and cosmetically, every aspect of this coffer bach is of the highest quality. Consider, for instance, the remarkably rich complexion of the side oak as well as its striking grain, both of which have grown more beautiful over the years with the development of a lovely patina. The brass hardware, which was replaced some time in the late 19th or early 20th century, contrasts wonderfully with the oak. Meanwhile, the shaped bracket feet are as elegant as they are sturdy and, in fact, this coffer bach does remain incredibly sturdy. The top and drawers, for instance, still operate smoothly to this day, although one of the drawers was rebuilt in the 19th century and one other has had its bottom replaced. This chest has also sustained signficant superficial wear that is entirely consistent with the grand age of nearly 300 years (please see pictures). The top, front and sides have developed separations between the boards that are often referred to as age splits, which are entirely cosmetic phenomena that do not affect structural integrity, and which always develop in solid wood furniture. Overall, therefore, condition remains excellent for an 18th-century piece.Referred to as a coffer bach by the Welsh, this piece is also referred to as a mule chest. The latter term, however, technically refers to a chest whose width is the same all the way down. This chest, on the other hand, widens just above the drawers, thus distinguishing it as a coffer bach. Certainly, this coffer bach boasts a history as rich as its appearance, and with a structure that has stood the test of time, it could surely endure another 300 years. Indeed, whether used as a blanket chest or as a novel substitute for a chest of drawers, this coffer bach would make a fine addition to any home furniture collection!

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