Georgian Converted Mahogany Chest of Drawers - For Sale

Georgian Converted Mahogany Chest of Drawers
Price: $1825.00
circa: 1820 width: 43 height: 40 length: 20 This antique mahogany chest was originally hand-crafted in Georgian-period England, later converted into the chest-cabinet combination you see in this listing, and recently imported to our antique furniture store here in Atlanta, GA, USA. Like many English antiques, this converted Georgian chest testifies not only to the skill and ingenuity of English craftsmen, but also to a rich history of hundreds of years of antique furniture-making. Like many Georgian-period antiques, this chest of drawers was restored and refitted probably either by Late Victorian or Edwardian craftsmen, and very likely on special request, given the unique design of this converted chest. Once a traditional chest with a two-over-three drawer design, this antique chest of drawers now contains three drawers and two cabinets. Each drawer features hand-cut dovetails and pulls out smoothly, while the cabinet doors also operate with ease. In fact, the whole of this Georgian chest is in excellent structural condition, although it has sustained surface wear consistent with age (see pictures). Also, one of the sides of the chest has sustained an age split, which is a natural separation in the boards; age splits occur in all solid wood furniture and are purely cosmetic phenomena that do not affect structural integrity. Often, they are considered aesthetically pleasing and markers of great age. Indeed, this Georgian chest of drawers remains as beautiful as ever, with a gorgeous mahogany complexion and grain, particularly around the face of the chest where flame mahogany crossbanding was used to set off the cathedral mahogany. The effect, when combined with the solid brass hardware, is a remarkable, stately appearance that is sure to make a bold impression on any room.

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