1812 Silkwork Sampler by Harriott Blatchford - For Sale

1812 Silkwork Sampler by Harriott Blatchford
Price: $495.00
George III, dated 1812 1812 Silkwork Sampler by Harriott Blatchford. Framed in an old wood frame with gilt slip and glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Meandering strawberry border with a meandering floral border inside. Colours green, cream, copper, gold, light green, magenta, pink and black. Verse entitled ''On The Life Of Christ'' reads ''1> Behold where in a mortal storm,> Appears each grace Divine> The virtues all in Jesus met,> With mildest Radiance shine,> 2> To spread the Rays of Heavens light> To give the Mourner Joy,> To preach glad tidings to the Poor> Twas this divine employ> ??? In heart by all his Friends> A friend and servant found> He wash''d their feet he wip''d their tears> And heal''d each Bleeding wound.> 4> Amidst keen reproach and cruel scorn> Patient and meek he stood> His foes Ungrateful sought his life,> He Labour''d for their good,> 5> In the last hour of deep distress> ??? His Father''s Throne> With soul resign''d he bow''d ??> ?? Will not thine be done> ??? ??? ??? And my ??> ?? ??? ???> ??? ??? ??? ???> And his bright Glory ???. Signed and dated ''Harriott Blatchford''s Work ??? In the Eleventh Year Of her Age 1812''. A good set of motifs, including Adam & Eve standing either side of the tree of life with a snake coiled around its trunk, lions, birds, angels, flowers, fir trees, stars, crowns, diamonds and potted flowering plants. Fair. A number of holes. Some patchy staining in the centre. Stitch losses to the border, verse, motifs and signature. Colours are faded. No colour run. Stretching is very slightly uneven. Frame in very good condition, ready to hang. 18.5ins by 12.5ins wide

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