Iron Age Sculpture of a Lion - FZ.389 - For Sale

Iron Age Sculpture of a Lion - FZ.389
Price: $6000.00
The lion is a symbol of strength and ferocity. The largest of the cat family, this animal is known as the “king of the beasts.” Lions are equally feared and respected for their power, speed, and intimidating growl. Kings and rulers have long associated themselves with this noble creature, as this small Iron Age bronze lion attest too. Found in Israel, could this be the conquering lion of King David itself? Surely this sculpture is meant to represent the power and vigor of the beast itself, if not a greater ruler or empire. Standing poised on four feet, ready to pounce and attack, the lion bears his fangs. You can almost hear the fearsome snarl. Incised curls along the back represent the furry mane. The potency of this image survives time. Although the culture that created it has disappeared, we can easily understand its purpose and appreciate its inherent beauty. The lion, king of the beasts, is to be equally respected and feared; any King or Kingdom should aspire to the same. - (FZ.389)

Ancient Near East
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