Roman Bronze Seal Ring - FJ.6112 - For Sale

Roman Bronze Seal Ring - FJ.6112
Price: $1200.00
In ancient times seals were an important element in everyday life, taking the place of modern signatures and keys. Wax was used to seal documents; while clay was placed on doors and rims of wine jars to be impressed with the owner's seal. In this sense, the ring-seal was a very personal item, and often bore an emblem with a special significance. This very handsome ring depicts a bird with a tail, crest and neck feathers similar to a gamecock. Its head is lowered and one foot is lifted as if striding forward with determination. Holding this ring makes one’s imagination fly back to ancient times, and the many uses it served. The personal nature of this ring is even more special considering its ancient origin, destined to be very special to its new owner of the modern era. - (FJ.6112)

Ancient Jewelry
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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