Roman Silver Fibula - FZ.287 - For Sale

Roman Silver Fibula - FZ.287
Price: $1200.00
Roman fibulae, or clasps, such as this beautiful example, were not only functional in their ability to support a garment, but also served as creative works of art. This stunning silver fibula, designed by a master silversmith, echoes earlier Greek and Italian fibulae, with its exceptionally high curve of the bow and coiled spring mechanism. At the same time, the handsome pattern of the bow hints at an eastern artistic influence, quite popular and fashionable during this time period. We have only to hold in our hand this ancient fibula and our imagination drifts back in time, giving us a tangible sense of that exciting and fascinating time in the Roman Empire when eastern craftsmanship and creativity joined with western aesthetics to produce decorative and functional works of art, timeless in their ability to please. - (FZ.287)

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