Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0341 - For Sale

Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0341
Price: $600.00
The translucent brilliance of glass has made it popular for jewelry since early times. This lovely bracelet dates to when the art of ancient glassmaking was at its height. However, such ornaments were rare and expensive, even more precious than gold, and restricted to the wealthy classes. The gorgeous lime-green of this bracelet is highlighted by segments of yellow and orange bands, which bend and swirl underneath as if blown by a light breeze. The surface of the outside rim is studded with white beads for added texture. Its narrow size indicates it was worn by a child. Perhaps it was a birthday gift, or given as a special reward. Whatever the occasion, this bracelet is certain to bring as much pleasure to its new owner as it must have done to the luck person who wore it so long ago. - (GF.0341)

Antique Glass
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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