Roman Light Bluish Green Glass Jar - X.0078b - For Sale

Roman Light Bluish Green Glass Jar - X.0078b
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Glass, a material developed in the eastern Mediterranean region, largely came to Rome with its makers, Syrian and Judean craftsmen, many of who were slaves. Between the mid-first century B.C. and the early seventh century A.D., Roman glassmaking was influenced not only by the changing values and tastes of the Roman world, but also by historical events. Many new techniques of glassmaking were introduced along the way. Each glass vessel, in its shape and decoration, is therefore a record of the times in which it was made.Long ago, during the later days of the Roman Empire, this bluish green glass jar would have held precious substances worth their weight in gold. Fragrant resinous incenses such as frankincense or myrrh imported from South Arabia may have once been stored within this jar. Flavorful spices carried from distant lands along arduous trade routes may have once been contained in this vessel. Featuring a cylindrical body with rounded shoulders and a broad neck, this glass piece is remarkably intact although its contents have long since vanished. An iridescent patina and delicate weathering film cover areas of the work, testifying to the age of the work and further enhancing its natural beauty. - (X.0078)

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