Magna Graecian Bichrome Vessel-Askos - PF.5427 - For Sale

Magna Graecian Bichrome Vessel-Askos - PF.5427
Price: $6000.00
The body of this vessel is broad and somewhat flat, resting on a slim, ridged base. A thick handle stretches from the back to the neck of the spout. In the middle of the body is a raised concave “button,” perhaps as a decoration. The spout flares out from the base to form the wide mouth, which is painted black on the outside and inside. Potters from the Greek colonies of southern Italy (called in antiquity Magna Graecia) often deviated from the standard styles of mainland Greece. Vessels in unusual shapes were made to accommodate local demand, since most of the ceramics were not exported, and this charming example may have been used for holding oil to refill lamps. - (PF.5427)

Ancient Greek
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