Apulian Red-Figure Bail-Amphora - AM.0075 - For Sale

Apulian Red-Figure Bail-Amphora - AM.0075
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The bail-amphora is distinctive for the arrangement of the handle which is attached at the lip and extends across the mouth. The obverse depicts a warrior wearing a helmet, armour and a short tunic. He holds a shield in his left hand and a spear in his right. A draped female wearing a sakkos is seated opposite the warrior. She rests her left foot on a rocky outcrop and holds a phiale with a fillet attached in her outstretched left hand. The figures are flanked by a palmette complex and a wave motif encircles the shoulder and groundline of the amphora.The reverse shows two heavily draped males wearing fillets in their hair. A fillet and a laurel branch are included in the space between them. The neck of this slender amphora is decorated with the so-called tongue motif. - (AM.0075)

Ancient Unknown
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