Slip-Painted Terracotta Ewer - LO.519 - For Sale

Slip-Painted Terracotta Ewer - LO.519
Price: $6000.00
Slip-Painted Terracotta Ewer - LO.519, Origin: Central Asia, Circa: 800 AD to 1200 AD, Dimensions: 9.5" (24.1cm) high, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Unglazed Painted Ware, Medium: Terracotta. The red earthenware ewer coated with a white ground slip on which decoration is painted in black. The cylindrical body is painted with scrolls and geometric patterns covering also the neck and the tall upward pointing spout. This vessel betrays a zoomorphism which is evident from looking from the handle, where some hidden facial features are to be found like the large roundels on the neck, indicating the eyes. This type of vessel had apparently some magical connotation and was probably used as a drinking vessel in ceremonial occasions. For a discussion on this type of vessel and comparable examples see: J.Kalter ed, Uzbekistan. Heirs to the Silk Road, 1997: no.271.

Ancient Near East
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