Ivory Netsuke Depicting a Tiger Chasing a Rabbit - PF.2527 - For Sale

Ivory Netsuke Depicting a Tiger Chasing a Rabbit - PF.2527
Price: $3000.00
Netsuke sculptures are designed to attach the tops of sagemono (containers) – which contained personal items – to the obi (sashes) used to tie the kimono or kosode. They are therefore essentially utilitarian objects, but since the 17th century craftsmen and artists have taken great pleasure in carving ever more complex and detailed themes onto netsuke so that they are now recognised as one of Japan's most notable indigenous art forms. There are various different forms – over and above the thousands of designs – of which the in-the-round carving of kataborinetsuke (lit. “sculpture netsuke) is the best-known. All forms of ivory and bone are used.This delightful little sculpture depicts a tiger chasing after a rabbit. The rabbit is climbing over the tiger's hindquarters, just outside the reach of his open mouth. The rabbit uses its back foot to push off the tiger's nose. We can imagine these to animals continuing this game of chase indefinitely. The intricate details of this netsuke are remarkable, especially the individual hairs of the rabbits fur coat. - (PF.2527)

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Barakat Gallery
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Email : barakat@barakatgallery.com
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