Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Titus - SK.070 - For Sale

Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Titus - SK.070
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Obverse: Laureate head of the Emperor, right. IMP. TITVS CAES. VESPASIAN AVG. P. M.
Reverse: TR. P. VIIII. IMP. XV. COS. VII. P. P.
Born in 41 AD, Titus was the elder son of Vespasian and Flavia Domitilla and was educated with Britannicus, the ill-fated son of Claudius. He later served in Germany and Britain and commanded a legion in his father's Jewish campaign. When Vespasian left to assume the purple, Titus remained to carry on the war and captured Jerusalem in 70 AD. On his return to Rome, Vespasian made him his colleague in government and his succession in 79 AD was smooth. Remembered as a benevolent emperor, his premature death in 81 AD was deeply mourned. - (SK.070 )

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