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Gold Pendant Featuring a Human Head - FJ.6240
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Gold Pendant Featuring a Human Head - FJ.6240, Origin: Cauca, Colombia, Circa: 1100 AD to 1400 AD, Collection: Pre-Columbian, Style: Cauca, Medium: Gold. The gold of Cauca consists mainly of objects representing a bird with human features, found in different forms including breastplates. The bird-like quality is evident in this lovely pendant, which could in fact be considered a breastplate due to its size. The upper portion is like a plume of feathers, fanning out in sweeping curves, twisting into the body towards the spiral earrings. Compared to this baroque quality, the bottom section is formal and stately. Descending from the neck like a ceremonial axe it cleverly depicts broad shoulders and chest, with subtle and effective decoration of two rows of triangles. The face is the most endearing part, with its penetrating eyes, elegantly small nose, petite mouth, and cheeks puffed as if having taken a deep breath. Though quite minimal in style, the effect of this beautiful pendant is of vibrancy, youthful freshness, radiant sunlight, all enhanced by the brilliant gold and a certain mystery that defies explanation.

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