Olmecoid Sculpture of a Seated Figure - PF.2585 - For Sale

Olmecoid Sculpture of a Seated Figure - PF.2585
Price: $9000.00
Olmecoid Sculpture of a Seated Figure - PF.2585, Origin: Morelos, Mexico, Circa: 1150 BC to 550 BC, Dimensions: 8" (20.3cm) high, Collection: Pre-Columbian, Style: Olmecoid, Medium: Terracotta. The state of Morelos is located in the Mexican highlands, south of the valley of Mexico. Warm and even subtropical during the middle pre- classic period, this region may well have proved attractive to the famous Olmec people who lived to the southeast. The Olmec were a fighting people, as evidenced by their many monuments depicting battles. Whether they actually invaded Morelos is unclear, however, what is known for certain is that their presence was made in this region of central Mexico. This fact is attested to by the distinctive ceramics that appear from Morelos during this time period. Here, we see one such remarkable piece, presented in the form of a seated figure. The distinguishing Olmec features include the somewhat puffy, infantile features of the figure as well as the shape of the head, with its pierced slanted eyes and downward turned mouth. Seated, with hands resting on outstretched legs, and a dramatic vent hole positioned at the navel, this ceramic figure exudes a spirited energy that is characteristic of Olmec-type ceramics. A mastery of form combines with an imaginative portrayal to give us a work of art that is a dramatic manifestation of the interaction of cultures, whether they be friend or foe.

Ancient Unknown
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