Pellican Lovers by Contemporary Zimbabwe artist Clifford Guwu : Item # 6288 - For Sale

Pellican Lovers by Contemporary Zimbabwe artist Clifford Guwu : Item # 6288
Price: $2900.00
Pelican Verdite stone sclupture titled "Pellican Lovers" by Contemporary Zimbabwe artist Clifford Guwu. This hand carved sculpture measures 12 and one half inches high. Signed Taken from /artists.shtml "Zimbabwe has the distinction of having the largest community of stone sculptors in the world today (on a per capita basis). Thousands of artists labor by hand creating an incredible variety of sculptures from the vast array of stone present in much of Zimbabwe. While greatly de-centralized, Shona artists are united in their love of sculpture and their medium. They tend to work in private studios or in small groups and collectives. With no formal school for stone sculpture, many artists apprentice or assist more established artists...The earliest known examples of Shona stone sculpture date back 1000 years (6ft. soapstone birds found at the Great Zimbabwe ruins near Masvingo). Reborn in the 1950's and 60's as a contemporary art form by a few creative artists and their western influenced sponsors and supporters, the Shona sculpture movement has blossomed into one of the most productive, inventive, and successful art movements anywhere in the world."

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