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Paul Kedelv Bowl 1959s Flygsfors Coquille Bowl
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1959s Flygsfors Coquille Green glass centerpiece bowl. In 1952, Paul Kedelv created one of the most distinctive and interesting series in Swedish glass in the 1950s with his Coquille pieces. They are generally white glass cased in a colour, then cased in heavy crystal. Bowls and vases typically have white at the rim. Some, such as this one, have a separate line of white above the coloured layers. Much of the beauty comes from the contrast between the thick crystal and the coloured milk glass, particularly in the base where the 'root' of the coloured layers sit in a pool of clear crystal. The word "coquille" means "shell' in French. Pieces made after Kedelv left in 1956 were signed or labelled "Coquille" - as this one is. Those made before his departure are signed "Kedelv". The series was made until the late 60s. Some of the later pieces in particular, are very large. This piece is signed Coquille and Flygsfors 59 on the base. Very good condition save for minor base scuffs and two flea bits on the rim. Measures about 12 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall.Size Overall Dimensions5.5" H X 12" Dia14.0cm H X 30.5cm Dia

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