Very Rare Pair Goddess Plates by Satsuma Master Ryozan - For Sale

Very Rare Pair Goddess Plates by Satsuma Master Ryozan
Price: $16900.00
A very important find and a great day for the serious Satsuma collector who acquires this exceedingly rare pair of plates of breathtaking beauty, detail and color by the renowned Satsuma Master, Ryozan, depicting the two Goddesses of the Seven Lucky Gods, Benzai-ten and Kichijo-ten (Kichijo-ten sometimes replaces Fukurokuju in portrayals of the Seven Lucky Gods). These Goddesses of Good Luck, Happiness, and Learning are patrons of geisha and artists and are venerated by speculators, entrepreneurs and tradesmen who pray for luck in business and love. This is a one-of-a-kind portrayal and format by Ryozan, one of the foremost Satsuma artists of 19th Century Japan. 9 inches, 23 cm. Excellent Condition.

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