Jin Dynasty - Yueh Yao Glazed Chicken Head Ewer - For Sale

Jin Dynasty - Yueh Yao Glazed Chicken Head Ewer
Price: $2750.00
This is a Western Jin Dynasty yueh yao of dark olive green glazed "chicken head" or also commonly known as "cock head" ewer. Slightly of gobular body with two lug handles and a spout in the form of chicken's head with a neck. It has a looped slender handle and a averted mouth rim. The dark olive glazed stopped before the foot-rim exposing the red stoneware earth. The flatten base is slightly shrinking inward.

Generally in good condition. No repair, chip or restoration. Some degradation, abrasion, manufacturing fault and wear.

The dimension of the "chicken head" ewer is: height 24.6 cm and the width is 19.5cm .
Please refer to our stock # J10032100003 when inquiring.

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