Wang Bingrong Brush Pot in High Relief – 19th Century - For Sale

Wang Bingrong Brush Pot in High Relief – 19th Century
Price: $1200.00
This is a very beautifully potted and elegantly curved piece of white glazed Wang Bingrong brush pot. The brush pot is curved and molded in high relief. It is also unusual in that most brush pots either have curved design and or color glazing in low relief and in cylindrical shape. For this Wang Bingrong brush pot, it is unusual in that the entire shape of the brush pot is in the curving of a pine tree trunk. It is beautifully curved and sculptured in very detailed form with a luohan resting under a pine tree sipping wine while his left arm resting on a large jar of wine shown flowing out freely. Behind the pine tree, sits a pile of rocks in Taihu formation.

Nothing much is known about the background of Mr. Wang Bingrong. Even his date of birth and period that he lives in, is debatable. It is generally accepted that he lives and work between during the Dao Guang period (1821~1850) well into the second half of the 19th century. The only fact that is known about Wang Bingrong is that he is a well know porcelain artisan and was widely acknowledge for transforming the bamboo brush pot curving onto porcelain. He successfully introduced the technique of bamboo curving onto porcelain with curved decoration.

There are no repairs or restoration, no cracks and chips. The brush pot is in good condition.

The measurement of the brush pot: Height is 14cm and the Diameter is 10.1
Please refer to our stock # Q50021020 when inquiring.

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