Baga or Bulunits, A-Tshol shrine figure, Guinea Africa. - For Sale

Baga or Bulunits, A-Tshol shrine figure, Guinea Africa.
Price: $6500.00
An original, sacred shrine figure of the northern Baga of the Sitemu sub group. These figures were outlawed by the Marxist government of Guinea at the nations independence in 1958. Since the fall of that government a few have come out of hiding. Our figure is very well sculpted, with good symmetry and detail. The oil and medicine of feeding the spirit has congealed and darkened with age and has impregnated the wood in a way that only occurs with age. The A-Tshol is mounted on a seperate cylindrical base. The figure has openings along the side and a sagital crest. The face is somewhat humanoid with a long beak. It is said to be a composite creature capable of traveling through earth, air and water. The base has losses at the lower rim and an old crack. The nose has some restorable loss and there is a very slight loss to the beak. Please contact us for additional details of use and any specific areas to be imaged. Length:37.5, height on base 21.5.

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