Itiri Mask for the Okoroshi, Igbo People DRC, Africa - For Sale

Itiri Mask for the Okoroshi, Igbo People DRC, Africa
Price: $1150.00
The Itiri mask is a part of the Okoroshi performance that juxtaposes light and dark and plays out over a six week masking season for the Igbo. This somewhat scarce example is well carved and finished with a charcoal or pigment black and red lips with remnants of silver. The edges and surface are muted with wear and the holes which held the concealing hood are hand drilled of several sizes, (as shown) and show wear from the movement of the hood material. The contact surfaces on the back of the mask show dark patina. There are several small nails in the forehead to empower the mask. A very good and honest tribal mask in a rarely encountered style. Mid 20th C. Height, 11", Width, 6.5" Please inquire for more information.

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