Tuxcacuesco-Ortices Style Colima Terracotta Standing Figure - PF.2745 - For Sale

Tuxcacuesco-Ortices Style Colima Terracotta Standing Figure - PF.2745
Price: $1800.00
Tuxcacuesco-Ortices Style Colima Terracotta Standing Figure - PF.2745,Origin: Colima, Mexico,Circa: 300 BC to 300 AD,Dimensions: 9" (22.9cm) high x 5.125" (13.0cm) wide,Collection: Pre-Columbian,Style: Tuxcacuesco-Ortices,Medium: Terracotta. This lovely human sculpture is an interesting blend of male and female characteristics. The ornamentation and body features are very much like those of a man. However, the lower part of the body is exposed to indicate that this might have been a hermaphrodite figure, one that possesses both sexes. Like today, a hermaphrodite was an unusual figure; yet, this ancient work of art is depicted with quiet dignity. This figure, once brightly painted has lost much of its color. The arms are held away from the body as if in a ritual pose. For the most part, the figure displays typical Colima-styled body features, elongated and thin in profile with coffee-bean eyes. However, the arms of many of these Colima pieces are crossed over the chest. Why is this piece different? What is this figure trying to say? Was a hermaphrodite once a revered possessor of humanistic secrets? It is wonderful to ponder the possibilities.

Ancient Central America & Mexico
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