Sterling Silver Georgian Tea Set 1834-1835 - For Sale

Sterling Silver Georgian Tea Set 1834-1835
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Four piece melon style extremely ornate Georgian sterling silver tea set. The set has maker's marks for Adey Joseph Albert Savory London 1834-35. All the pieces appear to be perfectly matched except the markings on the creamer are different. The creamer is marked with the date mark "r" indicating it was made earlier between 1832-33 by London Silversmiths. The maker's mark EEJWB indicate it was made by Edwd. Barnard, Edwd. Barnard Jr., John Barnard, and Wm. Barnard. The tea pot, coffee pot, and sugar bowl all have matching marks. There is an interesting story and Provenance to this extremely ornate, high quality Georgian sterling silver Tea and coffee set. The set was purchased in the London Silver Vaults by Mrs. Ray Crock, the first wife of the famed Ray Crock founder of McDonald's Food Industries. Price of course was no object to Mrs. Crock, who had excellent taste and wanted only the finest Georgian silver available. When she found this set in the London Vaults it was a 3 piece set missing the creamer. She would only accept a 4 piece set. Thus a search was undertaken to find a suitable creamer to match the set. The creamer was found and the set complete. This is the first time in more than 175 years that this set has been offered for sale to the world on the internet. This is an extremely ornate set showing beautiful design and composition with high relief sculptured floral and foliate designs. It has almost a melon shape to the sections. The largest pot weighs 31 troy ounces. It measures 10 inches from the back of the handle to the tip of the pouring spout. The highest point to the top of the handle measures 9-1/2 inches. It measures 7 inches wide from side to side. The top has a beautiful hand made hinged top with sculptured flowers. This is the most beautiful Georgian silver pot we have had the pleasure to offer for sale. Next comes the second pot, made by the same maker, it has the same design. It measures 11-1/2 inches from the tip of the pouring spout to the back of the handle. Height from the bottom to the highest point of the handle measures 6-1/2 inches. Width from side to side 7-1/2 inches. This is also an exquisite pot that matches the rest of the set. It weighs 26 troy ounces. The matching open sugar bowl measures 9-1/4 inches from side to side. Width of the bowl is 6-1/2 inches. Weight 16 troy ounces. Height to the top of handles 5-1/8 inches. The associated almost matching creamer jug and date letter indicating this was made 1832, is a very good match showing very good workmanship and quality almost matching coffee pot exactly. It measures 7 inches high to the top of the handle, 5-1/2 inches from pouring spout to the back handle and 4-1/4 inches wide. Weight 10-1/2 troy ounces. Total combined silver weight 83.5 troy ounces. If you have a taste for magnificent Georgian silver of the highest quality possible you have found the tea set of your dreams. Each piece is in excellent condition. The set is guaranteed to please as are all our items. (Item #73136)

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