Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rugs 44467 - For Sale

Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rugs 44467
Price: $6800.00
This Oriental-influenced Moroccan rug integrates the power of opposite colors. Lime-green lines form an organic complex of strings over a mauve background scene. Lines of yellow, black, and blue jut out behind the green lines, giving the rug's design a multi-layered, dimensional feel. White and grey dots stand out amongst the design, and are framed by thick, black lines that enhance the contrast of the piece. Subtle black ink strokes the green stain of the rhombic designs. A truly original and stunning piece that deserve an amazing display. It will supplement and brighten any neutrally-colored room, but will work extremely well amongst vibrant or brilliant hues.

Style: Region Specific
Origin: Morocco
Size: 5. ft x 9. ft (1.52 m x 2.74 m)

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1 Nazmiyal Collection
31 East 32nd St.
Floor #2
New York-10016
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Phone : 212-545-8029

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