#10181 EGYPTIAN COIN - 190 to 160 BC - For Sale

#10181 EGYPTIAN COIN - 190 to 160 BC
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Historical Context: This coin was minted by the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt around 190 BC. The obverse (front) of this coin is CLEOPATRA the First as Isis (Cleopatra's face). Isis was an E gyptian deity, the wife of Orisis, the GOD of the DEAD. Cleopatra I was the daughther of Antiochos III of Syria became the wife of Ptolemy V of Egypt. She bore two boys and a girl ( Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy VII, and Cleopatra II). The Ptolemaic empire was founded by Ptolemy I after the death of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy I was a boyhood friend of Alexander and his most trusted general. After Ptolemy successfully completed the Persian war, Alexander granted him the area of Egypt . He founded an empire that lasted almost 300 years. The empire ended with Cleopatra VII, the Queen of the Nile .

Attribution: Egypt, 190 to 160 BC
Obverse: Cleopatra I as Isis
Reverse: Eagle Standing
Diameter: 28 mm (about the diameter of a US Quarter and twice as thick)
Condition: Very Fine

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