#9585 SILVER Stater - 470 to 445 BC,Lucania, Poseidonia - For Sale

#9585 SILVER Stater - 470 to 445 BC,Lucania, Poseidonia
Price: $389.00
Historical Context: Peloponnesos was a major large “island” south of mainland Greece in the Mediterrarrean Sea . Sikyon was the Capital city located on the northern edge of Peloponnesos. This area was slow to develop coinage because its needs were served by the large quantities of silver staters minted by Aigina. After the fall of Sparta , coin production flourised. By the end of the 4th Century the area was under the control of the Macedonian Empire.

Obv: Poseidon standing holding Trident Spear
Rev: Bull standing
Diameter: 19 mm diameter (slightly smaller than the size of a US Nickel)
Weight: 8.1 grams
Condition: Very Fine plus

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