Gold Ring Featuring a Silver Tetradrachm of Philip II - FJ.5349 - For Sale

Gold Ring Featuring a Silver Tetradrachm of Philip II - FJ.5349
Price: $3600.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 359 BC to 336 BC
Collection: Coin Jewelry
Style: Greek
Medium: Silver and Gold
Additional Information: The coin was found in northern Asia Minor.
King Philip II was a man of great intelligence, skill, charm and energy. He was a hard fighter as well as a man of considerable cultural tastes. Ruthless and generous by turns, he passed many of his gifts for kingship on to his son, Alexander the great who brought Macedon to its greatest glory. After a youth partly spent as a political hostage in Thebes, Philip became king of Macedon in 359 B.C. At the age of twenty-three. Through conquest, treaty, bribery and marriage he stabilized his rule in Macedon and its surrounding territories. His tempestuous marriage to the Princess Olympias produced an heir, Alexander, in 356 B.C. Relations between husband and wife were often strained and both Olympias and Alexander have sometimes been implicated in the assassination of Philip in 336 B.C., following his marriage to Cleopatra- Eurydice. At the time of his death, Philip was planning a Panhellenic war against Persia, which w as successfully carried through by his son.This stunning silver tetradrachm minted during the reign of Philip II features on one side the dramatic portrait of the bearded king Philip II. The other side of the coin depicts a naked youth carrying a palm branch, symbol of peace, and riding a magnificent prancing horse. An inscription frames this radiant image. - (FJ.5349)

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