Gold Ring with Bronze Coin of Emperor Constantine the Great - FJ.6985 - For Sale

Gold Ring with Bronze Coin of Emperor Constantine the Great - FJ.6985
Price: $2400.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 306 AD to 337 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Roman Coin Ring
Medium: Bronze and Gold
Constantine I, called Constantine the Great, was the first Roman ruler to be converted to Christianity. He was the founder of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul), which remained the capital of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire until 1453. Constantine the Great unified a tottering empire, reorganized the Roman state, and set the stage for the final victory of Christianity at the end of the 4th century. Many modern scholars accept the sincerity of his religious conviction. His conversion was a gradual process; at first he probably associated Christ with the victorious sun god. By the time of the Council of Nicaea (325), however, he was completely Christian, but still tolerated paganism among his subjects. Although criticized by his enemies as a proponent of a crude and false religion, Constantine the Great strengthened the Roman Empire and ensured its survival in the East. As the first emperor to rule in the name of Jesus Christ, he was a major figure in the foundation of medieval Christian Europe.
This stunning ring evokes the flowering of the early Christian era in its full glory and splendor. The dark hue of the tarnished bronze is a striking contrast to the luminosity of the gold mounting with its textured Florentine finish. The course of Europe and the world would forever change due to the efforts of Constantine the Great. There is an eternal splendor to this ring, a beauty that radiates from within the coin and envelopes the gold setting. To wear this ring is to evoke the spirit of change. For although time changes and worlds evolve, true beauty and elegance as defined by this ring are eternal and immune to the fancies and whims of individual tastes. - (FJ.6985)

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