Thirteen Bronze Coins of Licinius I - FJ.6097 - For Sale

Thirteen Bronze Coins of Licinius I - FJ.6097
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Circa: 286 AD to 361 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Bronze
On this wonderful necklace are proudly displayed the most important and powerful men covering a span of nearly a hundred years. During that relatively short period the empire changed radically, due mainly to two emperors Diocletian and Constantine the Great. Both men were brave soldiers and able administrators who possessed an enlightened vision of how to achieve power and to use it wisely. Diocletian recognized the empire was too vast for one man to role effectively, and consequently appointed colleagues to share the burden. These included Maximianus and Galerius who were Caesars in the West and East respectively. Constantine I had his sons to help him govern, including Constantine II and Constantius II. Theodosius I also possessed the virtues that make a fine ruler, those of courage in battle and judicious statecraft. These assembled coins are a veritable panoply in bronze, resplendent with the images of great men who shook the earth with their presence; as will anyone who wears this magnificent necklace. - (FJ.6097)

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