Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Maximianus I - FJ.2320 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Roman Emperor Maximianus I - FJ.2320
Price: $5400.00
Origin: Syria (Antioch)
Circa: 286 AD to 310 AD
Collection: Roman
Medium: Bronze/Garnet/Coral
This splendid coin is set in an 18-karat gold pendant and strung in a necklace with two strands of garnet beads, two strands of coral beads and a central strand of green jasper beads. In the later Roman Empire, the more refined Classical tradition in jewelry was influenced by bold barbarian tastes to create a new and dramatic style. The emperors and empresses of Rome appeared in public wearing colorful jewels that brought together rare treasures from every corner of the Empire. This stunning necklace is very much in that dazzling tradition. It is meant for a woman who enjoys a touch of the dramatic in her life. - (FJ.2320)

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