Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great - FJ.3365 - For Sale

Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great - FJ.3365
Price: $3600.00
Origin: Minted in Constantinople
Circa: 527 AD to 565 AD
Collection: Byzantine
Style: Beaded Coin Necklaces
Medium: Gold and Ruby
Additional Information: The coin was found in Bethlehem, Israel.
In the church of San Vitale in Ravenna, the emperor Justinian, his wife Theodora and their courts are depicted on mosaic panels, arrayed in splendid robes and dazzling jewels. Whether in Ancient Byzantium or the modern age, the opulent allure of gold and precious gems never goes out of fashion. On this elegant necklace, a golden token of Justinian reign is set amid the vibrant fire of rubies. Unquestionably luxurious, it makes a bold appeal to the senses. This is an adornment for those who know the value of understatement. - (FJ.3365)

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