14karat Multi Stone Dearest Ring - For Sale

14karat Multi Stone Dearest Ring
Price: $1295.00
This is a lovely 14karat Victorian “dearest” ring. Dearest rings were popular in the Victorian era and were sometimes even given as engagement rings. Although dearest rings can use many different gemstones, often the gemstones used and the order in which they appear spell the word “dearest.” Therefore, the most common stones used, and the stones in this particular ring are, in this order: Diamond (0.01carats: VS clarity: H-I colour: 1.3mm), round faceted Emerald (0.04carats: HI clarity: medium green colour), round faceted Amethyst (0.04carats: MI clarity: Medium purple colour: 2.2mm), Ruby (0.08carats:MI clarity: medium red colour), Emerald 0.06carats: MI clarity: Dark blue colour: 2.2mm), Sapphire (0.06 carats: MI clarity: dark blue colour:2.2mm), tsavotire garnet (0.04carats: LI clarity: bright intesnse green with yellowish hue colour: 1.8mm). Dearest rings are the epitome of romance.Ring face: (¼'') X (¾'')(0.64cm) X (1.91cm)3 grams

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Cynthia Findlay Antiques
284 King Street West
Ontario-M5V 1J2
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Email : askcynthia@cynthiafindlay.com
Phone : 416.260.9057

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