Bronze coin of Roman Procurator Valerius Gratus - FJ.6467 - For Sale

Bronze coin of Roman Procurator Valerius Gratus - FJ.6467
Price: $1200.00
Origin: Israel (Jerusalem)
Circa: 15 AD to 26 AD
Collection: Jewish Coin Pendants
Medium: Bronze-Gold
From the beginning of the procuratorial regime until the outbreak of the Jewish war against the Romans (6 - 66 A.D.), thirteen procurators were sent to Judea. Only five of this group struck coins, including Valerius Gratus who minted coins continuously from his first year, (the second of emperor Tiberius's reign), until his fourth. After an interval of a few years he again struck coins in his tenth year of office. On the obverse of this handsome coin is the inscription TIB/KAI/CAP, surrounded by wreath. The reverse shows a palm branch, its tip tilted right, around which is the date and inscription. From this coin we get a feeling both of the exotic world of ancient Judea, and the power of imperial Rome. - (FJ.6467)

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