Billon Tetradrachm Of Roman Emperor Trajan Decius - FJ.4764 - For Sale

Billon Tetradrachm Of Roman Emperor Trajan Decius - FJ.4764
Price: $1400.00
Origin: Jordan (Geresa)
Circa: 249 AD to 251 AD
Collection: Roman Billon Coin Pendant
Medium: Billon-Gold
Who might have held this coin when it was newly minted and Rome ruled the world? A centurion in the Roman legions? A scholar who worked in the library at Athens? A merchant who traveled by caravan across the Persian desert? It might have been all these people and a thousand more. Coins connect us in an intimate way with the vanished world that first created them. They link us across time with the cities and lives of the ancient world. To wear this splendid token of the vanished past is to take our imagination on an endless journey of discovery. - (FJ.4764)

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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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