Silver Coin of Roman Emperor Trajan Decius - FJ.5025 - For Sale

Silver Coin of Roman Emperor Trajan Decius - FJ.5025
Price: $1600.00
Origin: Syria (Homs)
Circa: 249 AD to 251 AD
Collection: Roman Silver Coin Pendant
Style: Tetradrachm
Medium: Silver-Gold
C. Messius Quintus Trianus Decius was born about 201 A.D. In lower Pannonia (now Hungary and Yugoslavia). He was governor of lower Moesia (southern Europe) from 234-238 A.D. Following the abortive rebellion of upper Moesia, Philip dispatched Decius to restore order; but the rebels forced the latter, under threat of death, to "assume the purple" and march upon Italy. In the ensuing battle Philip and his son were slain and Decius w as left undisputed master of the empire. Much of his short reign was spent in fighting the barbarians on the northern frontier and in a battle against the Goths in 251 A.D. Decius was defeated and killed. Unfortunately, the reign of Decius is best known for his rigorous persecution of the Christians, in which pope Fabian lost his life. Apart from Decius' own coins, and those of his wife and sons, he also struck a series of coins commemorating most of the deified emperors from Augustus to Severus Alexander. To wear this striking silver coin, in its radiant gold setting, is to reach to the core of one's own aesthetic and historical passions... The heritage of our ancient past continuing through time never-ending. - (FJ.5025)

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