Garnet, Sodalite and Ivory Bead Necklace - FJ.2767 - For Sale

Garnet, Sodalite and Ivory Bead Necklace - FJ.2767
Price: $360.00
The dark reddish-purple garnet has been prized throughout history. In the Classical world, its beauty was enhanced by lavish settings of gold. Kings and commoners alike wore garnet set in rings, necklaces and bracelets. The famous Viking treasure found at Sutton Hoo contains over 4,000 cut and faceted garnets. Today, its popularity remains undiminished. Garnet is said to keep the wearer free from wounds and to promote good health in general. It is particularly useful for preventing skin disease and giving a glowing complexion. Whoever wears this lovely gem cannot help but glow with happiness. Of an intense blue color, sodalite is thought to clear the mind for rational thought, and to quicken the intellect. It stabilizes the emotions and promotes self-awareness. The deep, rich color of the evening sky, sodalite is thought to revive the spirit in much the same fashion as a good night's sleep. Without question, the person who wears this unusual gem should be congratulated on a wise choice. Since the dawn of time, mankind has created masterpieces from ivory. Ususally taken from elephant tusks, ivory objects have been found in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs, in the palaces of Crete, and in the ruins of Pompeii. Artists of the medieval world and the Rennaissance carved exquisite sculptures out of ivory. The Chinese revered it as sacred, and in Africa it is prized for jewelry. Its soft, mellow tones enhance the beauty of whoever wears it. -Medium: Garnet/Sodalite

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