Sapphire Bead Necklace With A 14 Karat Gold Clasp - FJ.2194 - For Sale

Sapphire Bead Necklace With A 14 Karat Gold Clasp - FJ.2194
Price: $2800.00
This fabled stone, one of the four gems called Precious today, is an extremely hard variety of corundum occuring in transparent or translucent crystals. Corundum is aluminum oxide, and the rich blue color of sapphire is believed to be caused by the presence of titanium and iron oxides. According to Oriental legend, the earth rested on a giant sapphire, whose blue color was reflected in the bowl of the sky. A variety of corundum colored with aluminum oxide, sapphire is one of the four gems called “precious” today. Its rarity contributed to its reputation as a magic stone of immense and all-encompassing power. It is said to ward off infectious disease, dispel confusion, and to enhance clarity of mind. The sapphire has also been thought since antiquity to bring good fortune to those who wear it. Anyone wearing this rich blue gem will feel very lucky indeed. - (FJ.2194)Collection: Beaded Necklaces Medium: Sapphire-Gold

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