Gold Ring Set with 30 Emeralds, 30 Diamonds - FJ.5010 - For Sale

Gold Ring Set with 30 Emeralds, 30 Diamonds - FJ.5010
Price: $9600.00
Exquisite 18 karat gold ring set with 30 stunning emeralds weighing a total of 1.08 carats and 30 radiant fully-cut diamonds weighing a total of 1.11 carats. Perhaps no gem delights the senses in quite the same way as the diamond, which burns with a deep internal fire. Crystalized carbon, formed under tremendous pressure over millennia, the diamond is famed for its everlasting hardness. Diamonds are normally colorless, but are also found in shades including yellow, pink, and blue. In Eastern belief, the diamond is said to enhance the full spectrum of energies in the body, mind and spirit. Within the circle of gems, the diamond defines the standards of beauty, rarity, and preciousness. Origin: Colombia/ South Africa Collection: Diamond & Emerald Ring Medium: Emerald/Diamond/Gold

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